Unique Educational Solutions:


Whether the need is homeschool, tutoring, enrichment classes or micro school, we will design a program that is tailored made for a student's unique situation.


Programs are designed that assist students in discovering how special they are and that teach them to explore the possibilities of their God given purpose.  Activities and assessments will be given that help students find their strengths, talents, abilities and unique resources.

We also build educational programs for organizations such as micro schools, summer camps, before and after cares, homeschool co-op classes, etc.




Personal and organizational coaching is available to assist individuals and groups in achieving their personal and/or program goals including personal improvement and team development.


Speaking Engagements:


Anita Gibson is available to speak about various topics such as:

  • From Struggling Student to Shining Star

  • Discovering the Star in You

  • Successful Homeschooling

  • Raising Godly Children

  • How To Be a Good Wife - The impact of influence 

  • Building Teams - Servant Leadership

  • Breaking Strongholds

  • Abundant Living


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